Electric articulated boom lifts

At TVH Equipment, you can buy electric articulated boom lifts of the make JLG, the global market leader of which we have been exclusive dealer for Belgium since 1991. These electric articulated boom lifts meet today's requirements. The models offer a longer work cycle per charge, in combination with an extremely powerful and easy to dose drive. The articulating boom allows you to reach hard-to-reach places. For even more flexibility, you can opt for the laterally swivelling jib (called JIB-PLUS, recognisable by the abbreviation JP). The "narrow" versions with narrow chassis were designed especially for working in confined spaces.

TypeManufacturerWorking HeightCapacityReach Buckling height Transport dimensions Engine
maxmaxmax max LengthWidthWeight
E300AJPJLG11.00 m230 kg6.77 m4.01 m5.74 m1.22 m7100 kg Electric PDF Request
E300AJJLG11.20 m230 kg6.82 m4.01 m5.54 m1.22 m6900 kg Electric PDF Request
E400ANJLG14.00 m230 kg6.45 m6.55 m5.51 m2.01 m5942 kg Electric PDF Request
E400AJPJLG14.20 m230 kg7.48 m6.55 m6.71 m1.75 m6350 kg Electric PDF Request
M400AJPJLG14.20 m230 kg7.48 m6.55 m6.71 m1.75 m6350 kg Hybrid PDF Request
E400AJPNJLG14.20 m230 kg7.48 m6.55 m6.71 m1.50 m6850 kg Electric PDF Request
M400AJPNJLG14.20 m230 kg7.48 m6.55 m6.71 m1.50 m6850 kg Hybrid PDF Request
E450AJJLG15.70 m230 kg7.89 m7.70 m6.45 m1.75 m6670 kg Electric PDF Request
M450AJJLG15.70 m230 kg7.89 m7.70 m6.45 m1.75 m6700 kg Hybrid PDF Request
E600JPJLG20.40 m230 kg13.54 m-10.15 m2.42 m7815 kg Electric PDF Request
M600JPJLG20.40 m230 kg13.54 m-10.15 m2.45 m8015 kg Hybrid PDF Request

In addition to the pure purchase of an electric articulated boom lift from TVH Equipment, we also offer a number of other formulas such as leasing or hire purchase, whether or not supplemented by a maintenance contract.