Push-around low-level access

At TVH Equipment, you can buy push-around low-level access of the make JLG, the global market leader of which we have been exclusive dealer for Belgium since 1991. Push-around low-level access equipment from JLG is easy to move by hand and especially because of their own low weight they are extremely suitable to reach places where the max ground pressure is limited.

These machines are the ideal solution for general repair work and routine maintenance at a higher altitude. The minilift is stabilised by manually placing 4 outriggers. The machine is driven by 230V mains voltage (AC) or by means of an optional battery pack with built-in charger (DC). The 36AM and 41AM models can be tilted, so that you can also drive them through a standard door opening.

TypeManufacturerWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions Voltage Engine
Ecolift 1.5JLG3.50 m150 kg0.70 m1.55 m180 kg230V Electric PDF Request
Ecolift 2.2JLG4.20 m150 kg0.70 m1.94 m305 kg230V Electric PDF Request
NanoJLG4.50 m200 kg0.75 m1.56 m285 kg230V Electric PDF Request
Power TowerJLG5.10 m250 kg0.78 m1.85 m342 kg230V Electric PDF Request
20AMJLG8.22 m160 kg0.74 m1.97 m360 kg230V Electric PDF Request
25AMJLG9.67 m160 kg0.74 m1.97 m395 kg230V Electric PDF Request
30AMJLG11.14 m135 kg0.74 m1.97 m430 kg230V Electric PDF Request
36AMJLG13.05 m135 kg0.74 m2.64 m475 kg230V Electric PDF Request
41AMJLG14.42 m135 kg0.74 m2.64 m520 kg230V Electric PDF Request

* without outriggers

** Optionally available with built-in batteries and charger.

In addition to the pure purchase of push-around low-level access equipment from TVH Equipment, we also offer a number of other formulas such as leasing or hire purchase, whether or not supplemented by a maintenance contract.