Self-propelled low-level access

At TVH Equipment, you can buy self-propelled low-level access equipment of the make JLG, the global market leader of which we have been exclusive dealer for Belgium since 1991. This low-level access equipment has working heights ranging from 5 to 8 metres. The 10MSP-S and the Toucan Duo are completely tailor-made for stock picking.

These machines are generally extremely manoeuvrable, lightweight and sufficiently narrow, making them very versatile. These mini lifts are the ideal solution for general work and routine maintenance inside buildings!

TypeManufacturerWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
Nano SPJLG4.50 m200 kg0.75 m1.59 m500 kgPDF Request
Nano SP ZeroJLG4.50 m200 kg0.75 m1.59 m456 kgPDF Request
Nano SP PlusJLG4.50 m200 kg0.75 m1.59 m540 kgPDF Request
15MVLJLG6.71 m230 kg0.75 m1.98 m1090 kgPDF Request
20MVLJLG7.98 m160 kg0.75 m1.98 m1090 kgPDF Request

In addition to the pure purchase of a self-propelled low-level access from TVH Equipment, we also offer a number of other formulas such as leasing or hire purchase, whether or not supplemented by a maintenance contract.