Truck-mounted lifts

TVH Equipment has been importing light truck-mounted lift from the Italian manufacturer Isoli for many years. For works on/along public roads or in urban environments, truck-mounted lifts are the ideal solution. They are also perfect to work at several locations in one day, as a B licence is sufficient to travel from "A to B". If, for example, you have to reach over obstacles, it is best to buy a truck-mounted lift with an articulated boom. If you require a large lateral range, then a truck-mounted telescopic boom lift will better suit your needs. In short, something for everyone.

Deploying/moving goes particularly smoothly thanks to the automatic outrigger deployment and optional coming-home function! Optional 1000 V-insulation is available on a number of models.

TypeManufacturerWorking HeightCapacityReachTransport dimensions Stamp width
PT 140Isoli14.00 m250 kg8.20 m7.00 m2.94 m3500 kg2,53 m/2,70 mPDF Request
PT 160Isoli16.00 m250 kg11.00 m7.00 m2.94 m3500 kg2,53 m/2,70 mPDF Request
PT 200Isoli20.00 m250 kg12.00 m7.21 m2.94 m3500 kg2,01 m/2,41 mPDF Request
PNT 205NH KNIKIsoli20.00 m230 kg9.10 m6.68 m2.50 m3500 kg2,13 m/2,98 mPDF Request
PNT 210J KNIKIsoli20.70 m250 kg9.80 m6.89 m2.60 m3500 kg2,13 m/2,98 mPDF Request
PT 230Isoli22.60 m250 kg14.00 m6.77 m2.94 m3500 kg2,04 m/3,34 mPDF Request
PNT 220 NLXIsoli21.90 m250 kg11.10 m6.67 m2.66 m3500 kg2,12 m/3,10 mPDF Request

In addition to the pure purchase of truck-mounted lifts from TVH Equipment, we also offer a number of other formulas such as leasing or hire purchase, whether or not supplemented by a maintenance contract.