Electric pallet truck

At TVH Equipment, you can purchase an electric pallet truck of the make Climax. Thanks to the electric pallet truck, moving materials is no longer a difficult job. This equipment offers you the possibility to transport your goods to the desired location in a simple, efficient and ergonomic manner. As this can be done smoothly and effortlessly, you save a lot of time, allowing you to transport a lot more goods per hour.

Read here the blog post on the Climax website about the benefits of the electric pallet truck.

TypeManufacturerCapacity Battery
P12Climax1.2 t24 V - 20 AhPDF Request
P15SClimax1.5 t24 V - 85 AhPDF Request
P18SClimax1.8 t24 V - 85 AhPDF Request
P20Climax2.0 t24 V - 225 AhPDF Request
P20PClimax2.0 t24 V - 225 AhPDF Request

When purchasing an electric pallet truck, agreements and the price are fixed in advance, so that you don't run into any surprises. All electric pallet trucks are equipped with a battery and battery charger. Our own transport service delivers the purchased machine on-site timely.