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Electric stackers

At TVH Equipment, you can purchase electric stackers of the brand Climax or Doosan. Thanks to the electric stackers, it is possible to load and unload goods in a simple, efficient and ergonomic way. The manual electric stackers are standard equipped with a foldaway foot pedal and feature accurate and simple controls. In addition, they are highly manoeuvrable thanks to the compact dimensions.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly solution for easy transporting and placing loads at altitude? An electric stacker is the best solution for the easy stacking of goods in a warehouse.

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What electric stackers does TVH Equipment sell?

As usual, TVH Equipment cooperates with the best makes on the market. For example, the stackers in our range are of the Climax make. Climax electric stackers are renowned worldwide for easy, efficient and ergonomic stacking of goods in the warehouse.

Why should I opt for an electric stacker for easy stacking in the warehouse?

Our manual electric Climax stackers are standard equipped with a folding platform. They also distinguish themselves by their smooth and precise operation. Because of their compact dimensions, they are also extremely manoeuvrable.

What conditions does TVH Equipment offer me?

If you purchase an electric stacker truck from TVH Equipment, the agreements and the price are fixed in advance, so you can rest easy. A powerful battery and battery charger are included as standard. Our own transport service delivers the machine on-site timely.

For easy stacking of goods in your warehouse it is best to opt for an electric stacker. Interested? Ask TVH Equipment for a free, non-committal offer.