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Electric boom lifts

TVH Equipment offers small and large articulating boom lifts suitable for in- or outdoor use. These machines meet today's requirements. The articulating arm allows you to reach hard-to-reach spots. In addition to superior off-road capabilities, our articulating boom lifts are also known for their rapid movements and good stability.

Electric boom lifts

TypeWorking HeightCapacityReachTransport dimensions
HR 1010.00 m200 kg4.50 m4.25 m1.50 m2.00 m2160 kgPDF Request
E 300 AJP10.97 m230 kg6.77 m5.74 m1.22 m2.01 m7100 kgPDF Request
Z-33/1812.00 m200 kg5.57 m4.17 m1.50 m1.98 m3665 kgPDF Request
HR 12L12.10 m200 kg6.40 m3.97 m1.79 m1.98 m2540 kgPDF Request
Z-34/22N12.52 m227 kg6.45 m5.51 m1.50 m1.97 m5171 kgPDF Request
E 400 AN14.19 m230 kg6.45 m5.51 m1.50 m1.97 m5800 kgPDF Request
E 450 AJ15.72 m230 kg7.89 m6.45 m1.75 m2.01 m6670 kgPDF Request
170 AETJ-L16.90 m200 kg9.43 m6.84 m1.97 m2.04 m6910 kgPDF Request
Z60/37FE Hyb SE20.16 m227 kg11.15 m8.15 m2.49 m2.62 m7756 kgPDF Request
HR21 Hyb SE20.80 m250 kg13.00 m6.62 m2.27 m2.18 m6680 kgPDF Request
E800 AJ SE26.20 m230 kg15.80 m11.13 m2.48 m3.00 m15558 kgPDF Request
HR28 Hyb SE28.00 m280 kg19.00 m9.28 m2.49 m2.70 m14650 kgPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityReachTransport dimensions
E 600 JP20.39 m230 kg14.19 m10.15 m2.42 m2.54 m7815 kgPDF Request

SE = Availability and transport prices on request

You can contact TVH Equipment for the rental of diesel-powered and electric articulating boom lifts. These machines can be rented for a duration of 1 day up to 5 years. Thanks to our central stock and our own transport service, we can always deliver your machine with a very short lead time.

At TVH Equipment, we rent models with working heights of up to 48 metres. You can contact us for renowned makes such as JLG, Genie, Manitou and Niftylift. Partnering with TVH Equipment means opting for the highest quality, with the best approach.