Electric lift trucks

Our electric lift trucks offer comfort, stability and productivity during work. They are equipped with forks and a battery charger.

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TypeLifting HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
B15/18T 6.00 m1.5 t1.89 m1.09 m3028 kg Request
B20T 6.87 m2.0 t2.03 m1.12 m3486 kg Request
B20TLC 4.17 m2.0 t2.03 m1.15 m3486 kg Request
TypeLifting HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
B15/18X 6.00 m1.5 t2.12 m1.09 m3189 kg Request
B20X 6.10 m2.0 t2.13 m1.12 m3461 kg Request
B25X 7.39 m2.5 t2.33 m1.12 m4623 kg Request
B30X 7.39 m3.0 t2.48 m1.12 m5068 kg Request
B30XQM 8.05 m3.0 t2.48 m1.12 m5168 kg Request
B35X 6.50 m3.5 t2.56 m1.25 m5486 kg Request
B50X 7.18 m5.0 t2.89 m1.40 m7121 kg Request
B60X 5.37 m6.0 t3.45 m1.68 m12032 kg Request
B80X 4.40 m8.0 t3.45 m2.14 m15430 kg Request


* Forks are not included in the length

The height of the free passage depends on the lift height and the type of mast.

* Standard lifting height is 4,70 m

** Construction height

LC = Low Clearance

QM = Quadruplex Mast

You can contact TVH Equipment for the rental of electric lift trucks. These machines can be rented for a duration of 1 day up to 5 years. Thanks to our central stock and our own transport service, we can always deliver your machine with a very short lead time.

At TVH Equipment, we rent models with lifting capacities up to 8 tonnes. Partnering with TVH Equipment means opting for the highest quality, with the best approach.