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Scissor lifts

TVH Equipment offers both electrically and diesel-powered scissor lifts. Our range consists of large and small scissor lifts, suitable for use in- or outdoors. They are very compact, practical in narrow passages and offer the perfect solution when a high lifting capacity and/or an extra large platform are a requirement. Thanks to the optional stabilisers and 4-wheel drive, the diesel-powered scissor lifts are suitable for the toughest conditions.

Scissor lifts

TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
1532R6.50 m275 kg1.74 m0.81 m1.61 m1357 kgPDF Request
1932R7.80 m230 kg1.74 m0.81 m1.64 m1565 kgPDF Request
2032 ES8.10 m360 kg2.30 m0.81 m1.87 m1970 kgPDF Request
2632 ES9.77 m230 kg2.30 m0.81 m1.98 m2135 kgPDF Request
2646 ES9.92 m450 kg2.50 m1.17 m2.01 m2740 kgPDF Request
3246 ES11.68 m320 kg2.50 m1.17 m2.01 m2905 kgPDF Request
10RS11.75 m320 kg2.41 m1.22 m1.97 m2750 kgPDF Request
GS-323211.75 m227 kg2.43 m0.81 m2.03 m2352 kgPDF Request
3369 LE12.06 m450 kg3.07 m1.75 m1.98 m4600 kgPDF Request
GS-4047**13.70 m350 kg2.49 m1.19 m1.96 m3222 kgPDF Request
4045R **13.96 m350 kg2.71 m1.14 m1.92 m3175 kgPDF Request
4069 LE14.19 m360 kg3.07 m1.75 m2.04 m5300 kgPDF Request
S151-16E15.00 m550 kg3.18 m1.60 m2.12 m4988 kgPDF Request
HL 160 - E2415.50 m750 kg4.64 m2.39 m2.30 m7480 kgPDF Request
S171-12E17.10 m400 kg3.00 m1.22 m2.36 m5370 kgPDF Request
S171-16E17.10 m400 kg3.18 m1.60 m2.34 m5512 kgPDF Request
S195-12 ES***19.60 m600 kg4.49 m1.22 m2.65 m9360 kgPDF Request
HL 220 E 12 SE***21.70 m500 kg3.74 m1.20 m3.01 m9120 kgPDF Request
HL 220 E 25 SE***21.70 m750 kg4.74 m2.44 m2.88 m11670 kgPDF Request
S225-12 ES***21.70 m450 kg4.49 m1.22 m2.91 m10290 kgPDF Request
HL-275 H25 HYB SE***27.20 m1.0 t6.57 m2.50 m3.13 m24980 kgPDF Request
S275-14 ES SE***27.50 m750 kg6.60 m1.40 m2.95 m20000 kgPDF Request
HL-275 E25 SE***27.50 m1.0 t6.57 m2.65 m3.13 m23980 kgPDF Request
HL 285 E13 4WDS SE***28.20 m750 kg5.60 m1.32 m3.21 m18770 kgPDF Request
S 320-14ES SE***32.14 m600 kg6.60 m1.40 m3.30 m22500 kgPDF Request
HL 330 E 14***33.00 m600 kg6.60 m1.40 m4.28 m24000 kgPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
260 MRT**9.92 m570 kg2.67 m1.75 m1.47 m3390 kgPDF Request
GS-3369 RT11.90 m454 kg3.76 m1.75 m1.92 m3882 kgPDF Request
330 LRT12.00 m909 kg4.88 m2.31 m2.17 m5614 kgPDF Request
GS-4069 RT14.30 m363 kg3.76 m1.75 m2.08 m5039 kgPDF Request
430 LRT15.11 m568 kg4.88 m2.31 m2.39 m7155 kgPDF Request
530 LRT18.15 m680 kg4.88 m2.31 m2.41 m7995 kgPDF Request
B-195 DL 2521.50 m500 kg4.84 m2.44 m2.88 m12280 kgPDF Request
HL-220 D25 SE 21.70 m750 kg4.54 m2.44 m2.88 m11990 kg Request
S225-24 DS22.30 m750 kg4.84 m2.47 m2.98 m12160 kgPDF Request
HL M250 DL27 SE27.00 m1.0 t6.57 m2.65 m3.13 m21910 kgPDF Request
HL-275 D25 SE27.00 m1.0 t6.57 m2.65 m3.13 m21910 kgPDF Request
S275-24 DS27.50 m700 kg6.60 m3.14 m2.95 m22130 kgPDF Request
S320-24DS SE32.14 m600 kg6.80 m2.40 m3.25 m22000 kgPDF Request
HL 340 D30 SE33.50 m1.0 t7.02 m2.98 m2.87 m31200 kgPDF Request
SL320-30 SE34.00 m1.4 t8.40 m3.00 m3.50 m39800 kgPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
BIBI 1090-BL Evo*****10.00 m300 kg2.26 m1.64 m1.89 m2830 kgPDF Request

* Height folded rails

** Without stabilisers

*** With stabilisers

**** Outdoor use only with stabilisers

***** self-leveling - gradeability: 25°

Outdoor use: limited working height, lifting capacity and max. 1 person.

SE = Transport prices on request

You can contact TVH Equipment for the rental of diesel-powered and electric scissor lifts. These scissor lifts can be rented for a duration of 1 day up to 5 years. Thanks to our central stock and our own transport service, we can always deliver your machine with a very short lead time.

TVH Equipment rents electric and diesel-powered scissor lifts with working heights up to 33 metres. You can contact us for renowned makes such as JLG, Genie and Holland Lift. Partnering with TVH Equipment means opting for the highest quality, with the best approach.