Telescopic boom lifts

TVH Equipment offers electric and diesel-powered telescopic boom lifts suitable for in- or outdoor use. In addition to superior off-road capabilities, JLG aerial work platforms are known for their limited noise levels during use. The telescopic boom lift is the ideal machine for (construction) work that requires maximum horizontal and vertical reach. To provide an even greater flexibility, the SJP models are equipped with a laterally pivoting jib (called JIB-PLUS).

Telescopic boom lifts

TypeWorking HeightCapacityReachTransport dimensions
400 S14.36 m230 kg10.78 m7.57 m2.31 m2.47 m6200 kgPDF Request
460 SJ16.09 m230 kg12.07 m8.91 m2.31 m2.47 m7975 kgPDF Request
600 S20.36 m230 kg15.09 m8.71 m2.49 m2.57 m10370 kgPDF Request
660 SJ22.31 m230 kg17.30 m10.88 m2.49 m2.57 m12720 kgPDF Request
680 S*22.73 m230 kg18.00 m12.23 m2.49 m3.02 m15950 kgPDF Request
860 SJ28.21 m230 kg22.86 m12.19 m2.49 m3.05 m17200 kgPDF Request
S-10534.00 m227 kg24.38 m14.02 m2.49 m3.07 m18144 kgPDF Request
1200 SJP38.73 m230 kg22.86 m13.67 m2.49 m3.05 m18500 kgPDF Request
1350 SJP43.30 m230 kg24.38 m14.89 m2.49 m3.05 m20400 kgPDF Request
1500 SJ47.72 m230 kg24.38 m18.82 m2.49 m3.05 m22000 kgPDF Request
1850 SJ***58.56 m230 kg24.38 m19.45 m2.49 m3.05 m27360 kgPDF Request
400 S HC14.36 m270 kg10.78 m7.57 m2.31 m2.47 m6680 kgPDF Request
S65XC21.81 m300 kg16.51 m9.70 m2.49 m2.82 m11412 kgPDF Request
S85XC27.74 m300 kg22.71 m12.37 m2.49 m2.80 m17917 kgPDF Request
SX105XC34.00 m300 kg24.38 m14.25 m2.49 m3.05 m19300 kgPDF Request
SX135XC SE43.15 m300 kg27.43 m19.76 m2.49 m3.05 m21546 kgPDF Request

* Platform width 4,06 m

** Exceptionally wide transport

*** exceptional transport, transport prices on request

SE = Availability and transport prices on request

You can contact TVH Equipment for the rental of diesel-powered and electric telescopic boom lifts. These machines can be rented for a duration of 1 day up to 5 years. Thanks to our central stock and our own transport service, we can always deliver your machine with a very short lead time.

At TVH Equipment, we rent models with working heights of up to 58,50 metres. You can contact us for renowned makes such as JLG and Genie. Partnering with TVH Equipment means opting for the highest quality, with the best approach.