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Warehouse trucks

At TVH Equipment, we rent pallet trucks, stackers and reach trucks. By means of these machines, you increase the safety and efficiency within your company.

You can contact us for the rental of pallet trucks and stackers, both walk-behind and ride-on, as well as standard and 4-way reach trucks.

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Warehouse trucks

TypeCapacityTransport dimensions
P20 2.0 t1.64 m0.72 m1.22 m439 kg Request
P20P 2.0 t1.92 m0.77 m1.22 m659 kg Request
TypeLifting HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
S20 5.25 m1.0 t1.82 m0.80 m1.87 m830 kg Request
S20P 5.25 m1.6 t2.10 m0.80 m2.25 m1604 kg Request
TypeLifting HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
R16 9.92 m1.6 t2.41 m1.27 m2.30 m3000 kg Request
R20 8.72 m2.0 t2.46 m1.27 m2.40 m3650 kg Request
R25 9.92 m2.5 t2.55 m1.29 m3.30 m3650 kg Request
R20V 6.80 m2.0 t2.52 m1.40 m2.29 m4010 kg Request
R25-4 6.80 m2.5 t2.62 m1.76 m2.20 m4150 kg Request

* Without forks

** With fork positioning

P= with platform

You can contact TVH Equipment for the rental of various types of warehouse trucks. These machines can be rented for a duration of 1 day up to 5 years. Thanks to our central stock and our own transport service, we can always deliver your machine with a very short lead time.

At TVH Equipment, we rent models with lifting capacities up to 2,5 tonnes and lifting heights up to almost 10 metres. Our rental range includes different makes, such as Climax and Jungheinrich. Partnering with TVH Equipment means opting for the highest quality, with the best approach.