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Self-propelled vertical mast lifts

At TVH Equipment, you can buy vertical mast lifts of the make JLG, the global market leader of which we have been exclusive dealer for Belgium since 1991. The JLG Toucan vertical boom lifts are the perfect tool to work above, around and across obstacles in confined spaces indoors and outdoors. Depending on the model, a large vertical and horizontal range is available. The direct electric drive ensures an efficient energy consumption and a longer service life. Partly thanks to the sturdy lift truck mast construction, these highly compact mast lifts offer a comfortable working place at altitude.

The 1230ES, with its super compact dimensions and small turning circle, is a very manoeuvrable mast lift. The low own weight of just 790 kg makes it ideal for indoor work on various surfaces. The 8E-Light and 10E-Light stand out because of their extra low own weight!

Type Manufacturer Working Height Capacity Reach Buckling height Transport dimensions
maxmaxmax max Width Height Weight
1230ESJLG 5.66 m 230 kg - - 0.76 m 1.65 m 790 kg PDF Request
Toucan 8EJLG 8.20 m 200 kg 2.65 m 5.08 m 0.99 m 1.99 m 2100 kg PDF Request
Toucan 8E-LJLG 8.20 m 200 kg 2.65 m 5.08 m 0.99 m 1.99 m 1860 kg PDF Request
Toucan 10EJLG 10.10 m 200 kg 3.38 m 6.51 m 0.99 m 1.99 m 2990 kg PDF Request
Toucan 10E-LJLG 10.10 m 200 kg 3.38 m 6.51 m 0.99 m 1.99 m 2600 kg PDF Request
Toucan 12EJLG 11.83 m 200 kg 5.10 m 7.12 m 1.20 m 1.99 m 4300 kg PDF Request
Toucan 12E PlusJLG 12.65 m 200 kg 6.05 m - 1.20 m 1.99 m 4900 kg PDF Request