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Loading ramps

You can buy our durable Thervan loading ramps in different versions, with capacities ranging from 10 000 kg up to 20 000 kg, narrow or wide.

When purchasing a loading ramp, agreements and the price are fixed in advance, so that you don't run into any surprises. Our own transport service delivers the purchased loading ramp on-site timely.

Watch here the movie about our loading ramps.

Type Manufacturer Capacity Transport dimensions
max Width
LB10 188 Request Thervan 10.00 t 1.88 m PDF
LB10 206 Request Thervan 10.00 t 2.06 m PDF
LB10 223 Request Thervan 10.00 t 2.23 m PDF
LB10 238 RL Request Thervan 10.00 t 2.38 m PDF
LB20 260 RL Request Thervan 20.00 t 2.60 m PDF