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What is freight handling?

It means any act or service performed or provided by the port authority in connection with the receipt or delivery of goods or the loading or unloading of goods in or from a ship, railway car or lorry, the storage of such goods in a warehouse or otherwise and any other similar services. This also includes services provided in connection with cargo handling at airports.

In order to facilitate this freight handling, TVH Equipment can offer various machines. More information in the table below.

Type Manufacturer Lifting Height Capacity Voltage Brakes
BR14JW-7 PLUS Request Doosan 10.25 m 1.40 t 48 V ACElektromagnetische parkeerremPDF
BR16JW-7 PLUS Request Doosan 10.25 m 1.60 t 48 V ACElektromagnetische parkeerremPDF

Which machines are suitable for cargo handling at airports?

At TVH Equipment we sell machines of the make Doosan, better known under the name "Donkey". DONKEY is an electric pallet truck designed for the horizontal transport of unit load devices (ULDs) up to 7500 kg on slave pallets at a height of 508 mm. These machines are extremely suitable for in-house cargo handling. Together with "slave pallets", the Donkey is used as a ULD transport system for flexible movements in large airport warehouses.

What is the main advantage of the Doosan make?

The major advantage Doosan offers over other transport systems, is that this is a more flexible solution that can also be used inside the airport without having to invest in expensive conveyor belt transport systems.

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