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Six Climax stackers for Fire Department Zone Vlaams-Brabant West

TVH Equipment won the public tender for the purchase of six electric stackers by the Fire Department Zone Vlaams-Brabant West. "This investment allows our larger fire stations to organize the storage of intervention and consumable materials much more efficiently," testifies Major and Logistics Director Koen Roesems.

Until now, only Post Vilvoorde had a stacker, but it was due for replacement. Since the stations in Halle, Lennik, Opwijk, Londerzeel, and Zaventem were also interested in being able to store their materials vertically, the Fire Department Zone Vlaams-Brabant West issued a public tender for six devices. Based on several award criteria (such as price, technical qualities, and warranty), the Climax S16W450-ION from TVH Equipment was ultimately chosen.

Budget-friendly solution

"Climax is our in-house brand for electric warehouse equipment and is known worldwide for its excellent price-quality ratio and great user-friendliness," explains Tars Peeters, sales representative at TVH Equipment. "The S16W450-ION is a stacker with a lifting capacity of 1.6 tons and a maximum lifting height of 4.5 meters. It is one of the larger devices in our range. Yet, it is very compact and maneuverable. Thanks to the non-marking tires, it does not leave any disturbing marks on polished concrete floors.

Moreover, with its powerful Li-ion battery, the device is virtually maintenance-free. Occasionally applying some chain spray is more than sufficient. Every year, a technician from TVH Equipment also comes by to lubricate the moving parts. But actually, not much else needs to be done. Unlike a forklift, you don't need training for a stacker. The device is so simple that anyone can operate it after a short introduction.

If you observe the basic safety measures, hardly anything can go wrong. Another great advantage is that charging is as easy as with a mobile phone. It takes a maximum of three hours, and you can interrupt the charging process at any time. This is a big difference compared to a traditional traction battery, which can take up to 8 hours to charge, during which time it cannot be used.

Always ready

"The arrival of these stackers is a big step forward for our operations," says Marc Opstal, captain at Post Zaventem and responsible for equipment and vehicles. "We store our intervention and consumable materials in large bins, categorized by type of operation. For storm damage, for example, there is a chainsaw in there. In case of water damage, it includes a series of pumps and hoses. The purchase of these stackers now allows us to store those bins very efficiently and ergonomically on pallet racks at a height. Additionally, it also concerns IBC containers with, for example, 1000 liters of detergent. Those can weigh up to 1200 kg. But the stackers we have purchased can handle that without any problems."

"We will use them very frequently," confirms Koen Roesems, Major and Logistics Director. "Renting was not an option for us because as firefighters, we must always be ready and consider unforeseen circumstances. In an emergency situation, we must be able to respond immediately. Therefore, the stackers must always be available and ready for use. Our prevention advisor will now inspect them and officially put them into service. He will also create an instruction sheet summarizing the key operations and safety instructions. This way, everyone at the station - professional and volunteer firefighters - will know exactly how to operate this machine."

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