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Crawler cranes

Type Lifting Height Capacity Transport dimensions Working radius
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
MC285 CRME Request 8.70 m 2.82 t 3.32 m 0.75 m 1.47 m 2120 kg 8.20 m PDF
MC405 CRME Request 16.80 m 3.83 t 4.98 m 1.38 m 1.98 m 5750 kg 16.00 m PDF
MC815 CRME SE Request 19.60 m 8.09 t 5.90 m 1.74 m 2.49 m 9700 kg 18.80 m PDF

Accessories for mini crawler cranes

Accessories for mini crawler cranes*

Fly jib
Increases the lifting height and reach of the mini crane.
Searcher hook
(Supplied as standard) Allows you to work close to ceilings.
Vacuum lifter
Suitable for lifting glass panes up to 600 kg.

* available at a surcharge

Equipped with remote control

Black rubber caterpillars