Warranty fund - TVH Equipment

Warranty fund



  • Per calendar year (1 January - 31 December)
  • Not separately per construction site, project, region or customer

Insured objects:

  • Scissor lifts, aerial work platforms, forklift trucks, telehandlers, reach trucks, stackers, pallet trucks and related equipment rented by TVH Equipment NV on a short-term contract.

Insured parties:

  • The renter
  • Any form of subcontracted sublease or loan is excluded from this coverage.


  • Belgium and surrounding countries

Warranties and conditions:

  • All damage to the equipment, including theft, during normal use or storage of the machine (excluding tyres). The renter must report the damage and condition of the accident in writing within 12 hours.
  • Fire (internal cause)
  • In case of theft, vandalism or larceny, a report must be filed with the police within 12 hours after the finding and a copy of the report must be passed on to TVH Equipment NV.
  • The renter must store the equipment in a safe location and take the necessary preventive measures to protect the equipment (e.g. never leave the keys in the ignition, if possible store the equipment in a fenced area ...)
  • Coverage is excluded in case of gross negligence, accidents occurring on public roads, culpable cause (e.g. incorrect use, damage by sandblasting, stains of paint or other hard-to-remove products (concrete, silicone,…)) or in case of a missing report. In this case the damage is charged immediately to the renter.

The premium amounts to 5 % on the gross rental rate and is continuously calculated per calendar day (also weekends and public holidays, as well as rental stops).

Exemption per claim:
(excluding VAT):

  • Damage to equipment: 750 €
  • Theft: 15% of the replacement value with a minimum of € 3000




Insured objects:

  • Mini excavators, dumpers, vibrating plates, rollers, rammers, wheel loaders and related equipment rented by TVH Equipment NV on a short-term contract.


Warranties and conditions:

  • All damage to the equipment during normal use is covered: windows, doors, chassis, headlights, cylinder guards, hydraulic hoses.
  • Coverage is excluded : tracks, cylinder rods, accessories such as buckets and hydraulic breakers


Premium : 5% on the gross rental price


Exemption per claim (excluding VAT) :


Damage to equipment: € 1500

Theft: 15% of the new value, with a minimum of € 3,000



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