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Loading Ramps

Loading ramps are highly convenient for loading or unloading trucks with a forklift. Thanks to the galvanized grid, the loading ramp doesn't rust, avoids tire damage, and prevents dirt accumulation. Renting a loading ramp can be beneficial for businesses that do not have a fixed loading ramp or experience temporary increases in transportation needs. At TVH Equipment, you can also rent a loading ramp in combination with a forklift to easily and safely load and unload your goods.

Loading ramps

Type Manufacturer Capacity Transport dimensions Drive width
max Length Width
LR BR 100 Request Thervan 10.00 t 12.00 m 2.30 m 1.88 m PDF

Transport costs on request

Horizontal platform = 2.5 m

Hydraulic height gear 0.9 to 1.7 m