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Training Overhead crane


1-day training

(3 hours of theory and 5 hours of practice)

Working with an overhead crane


In our VCA-approved exam centre, courses consist of theoretical and practical lessons. We prepare the participants optimally so that they are completely ready to start using the overhead crane efficiently. After taking the theoretical and practical exam, you obtain the VCA certificate.


  • Legislation, liabilities and safety function
  • General safety rules and regulations
  • Being able to identify, analyse and check the risks of the device when rigging and moving loads
  • Understanding the basic concepts of the structure and functions of the overhead crane
  • Different types of overhead crane and rigging materials are discussed
  • Points of attention for safe load handling
  • Explanation of the use, maintenance, checking and storage of the different types of rigging materials
  • Different rigging methods
  • Elements of a good hoist job
  • Common hoist signals


The exercises include among other things:

  • Applying safety rules
  • Operating the equipment
  • Being able to perform the daily check
  • Rigging and moving loads correctly
  • Obstacle course with load: avoiding a pendulum motion, turning a load around, estimating distances
  • Observing the legislation with regard to circumstances
  • Parking the overhead crane
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