Truck- or van-mounted aerial work platforms (driving licence C) - TVH Equipment

Truck- or van-mounted aerial work platforms (driving licence C)

Choose from a modern fleet of top brand machines renowned in the great heights. TVH Equipment offers a new range of machines with the latest technology. The truck-mounted aerial work platforms reach a height of 28 to 65 meters. This is why you will certainly find the rental machine that you need. Our sales representatives help you choose the machine that best suits your needs, via a free site visit. Our operators then drop off your rented machine at the desired location.

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Type Working Height Lifting Height Capacity Reach Transport dimensions
maxmaxmaxmax Length Height Weight
TU 285 Request 28.50 m 26.50 m 320 kg 20.50 m 8.19 m 3.56 m 8600 kg PDF
T 360 Request 36.00 m 34.00 m 350 kg 30.90 m 9.47 m 3.97 m 18000 kg PDF
T 400 Request 40.00 m 38.00 m 600 kg 31.00 m 9.75 m 3.75 m 18000 kg PDF
T 480 Request 48.00 m 46.00 m 600 kg 31.00 m 9.76 m 3.75 m 18000 kg PDF
T 510 HF Request 51.00 m 49.00 m 600 kg 33.00 m 10.40 m 3.75 m 18000 kg PDF
T 570 HF Request 57.00 m 55.00 m 600 kg 41.00 m 11.90 m 3.91 m 26000 kg PDF
T 650 HF Request 65.00 m 63.00 m 600 kg 43.00 m 11.99 m 3.98 m 32000 kg PDF
T 750 HF SE Request 75.00 m 73.00 m 600 kg 41.00 m 13.99 m 3.98 m 32000 kg PDF


This lifting system is very practical, safe and saves you time. No matter if you have windows, advertising panels, heavy or bulky items, you can safely mount them with this lifting system integrated into the basket and recognized by an approved organization.
The construction of our lifting system allows the load to be supported directly at ground level.

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All-in solution

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a machine per hour, including an operator. Our operators have the approved operator certificate as well as the VCA, BA4, IGSL (ELIA), IGSP (ELIA) and French CASES approval and continuous training during internal training or at the manufacturer, all this gives you a guarantee about the quality of our services. < / p>

Our operators have undergone thorough training to ensure efficiency, profitability and safe working practices.

Markings and authorizations: in accordance with current requests, optionally also available on request in our "ALL IN" formula.

Expertise and advice: we visit your sites to offer you the right machines, taking into account the parameters available to us.

After each visit you will receive a free adequacy survey upon request and a clear and accurate personalized offer.

In order to facilitate the progress of your site in complete safety, TVH offers you, as an option, the markings and the necessary authorizations.