3-wheeled lift trucks - TVH Equipment

Electric lift trucks

Type Lifting Height Capacity Transport dimensions Clearance height of mast
maxmax Length Width Weight
B16C Request 4.92 m 1.60 t 1.86 m 1.10 m 3000 kg 2.16 m PDF
B16 Request 4.75 m 1.60 t 1.94 m 1.10 m 3300 kg 2.16 m PDF
B16 Request 4.92 m 1.60 t 1.94 m 1.10 m 3300 kg 2.16 m PDF
B16 Request 6.07 m 1.60 t 1.94 m 1.10 m 3300 kg 2.61 m PDF
B18TLC Request 4.30 m 1.80 t 1.89 m 1.09 m 3500 kg 1.99 m PDF
B18 Request 4.77 m 1.80 t 2.09 m 1.15 m 4950 kg 2.16 m PDF
B20 Request 4.18 m 2.00 t 2.09 m 1.15 m 4950 kg 1.96 m PDF
B20 Request 4.78 m 2.00 t 2.09 m 1.15 m 4950 kg 2.16 m PDF
B20 Request 5.08 m 2.00 t 2.09 m 1.15 m 4950 kg 2.26 m PDF
B20 Request 5.50 m 2.00 t 2.09 m 1.15 m 4950 kg 2.48 m PDF
B20 Request 6.11 m 2.00 t 2.09 m 1.15 m 4950 kg 2.61 m PDF
B20 Request 6.86 m 2.00 t 2.09 m 1.15 m 4950 kg 2.86 m PDF

Special equipment for lift trucks

At TVH Equipment, we rent various types of lift trucks. These machines are well-maintained and come with standard equipment, but can also be equipped with extra attachments (Please note: this is only available from week of rental).

Box rotator
Rotator 360°
Fork positioner
Quadruplex mast
VFour-fork positioner


* Headroom depends on the lifting height and type of the mast.

** Forks are not included in the length

LC = Low Clearance

QM = Quadruplex Mast

You can contact TVH Equipment for the rental of electric lift trucks. These machines can be rented for a duration of 1 day up to 5 years. Thanks to our central stock and our own transport service, we can always deliver your machine with a very short lead time.

At TVH Equipment, we rent models with lifting capacities up to 8 tonnes. Partnering with TVH Equipment means opting for the highest quality, with the best approach.

Rental of Three-Wheel Forklifts

Three-wheel forklifts are a popular choice in warehouses and industrial environments due to their agility and compact size. At TVH Equipment, we offer an extensive range of three-wheel forklifts suitable for various applications.

These forklifts are designed to maneuver easily in narrow aisles and tight spaces. With their small turning radius, they can navigate effortlessly in restricted environments and efficiently utilize the available space. This makes them ideal for use in busy warehouses where space optimization is crucial.

Our three-wheel forklifts are equipped with advanced features and technologies to increase productivity and improve driving comfort. They provide smooth and precise operation, allowing the operator to maneuver easily and safely move loads. With different lifting capacities and lift heights, there are models available for a wide range of loads and applications.

At TVH Equipment, we prioritize quality and reliability. That's why we offer three-wheel forklifts from reputable brands known for their durability and performance. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to advise you in choosing the right forklift that suits your specific needs.

Whether you need a three-wheel forklift for light loads in a warehouse environment or for heavier industrial applications, you'll find the right solution at TVH Equipment. Explore our range online and contact us for more information or a customized quote.